What To Bring To Your Tax Appointment


First time clients:

  • Last year’s tax returns
  • Social security numbers and dates of birth for all members of your household

Everyone needs to bring:

  • The current year’s W-2’s and/or 1099’s
  • Savings/checking Interest and Dividends Statements
  • Tax refunds from prior year (State and/or city)
  • Income and expenses of sole proprietor businesses (Schedule C)
  • Miles driven for business purpose, if applicable
  • Capital Gains/Losses-Brokerage Firm Statements including cost basis of securities sold during the year, with purchase date
  • IRA/Pension distributions (1099R)
  • Income and expenses of rental property (Schedule E)
  • Any K-1’s issued from Partnerships, S-Corp’s or Trusts
  • Unemployment compensation (1099)
  • Social Security benefits
  • Mortgage Interest statement (1098) and real estate tax paid
  • Un-reimbursed business expense – dues, uniforms, safety supplies (boots)
  • Statement of childcare expenses
  • Statement of tuition paid to accredited colleges (1098T)
  • List of estimated taxes paid to IRS, states and cities, if applicable